Types of lifting equipment

There are many types of industries which require lifting equipment and therefore the types also vary. In some industries the JIB crane is important. For other, the hydraulic elevators are used. This also makes sure that the work is done as per requirements and there is no delay. The use of such equipment also falls into another category which is known as manual lifting. This type of lifting is not recommended as it can lead to serious health issues and problems. In this modern era of advanced science and technology, such equipment is not being used as it can lead to issues and problems. The use of such lifting equipment is restricted to limited types of industries. The use of such equipment also depends upon the safety of the employees. Such places which do not have sufficient safety measures are not allowed using heavy equipment.


It is one of the most important aspects of any industry. It is highly movable and therefore used to mobilize heavy equipment or manufactured goods from one place to another. The best part is that this machine can lift the weight to good heights and therefore it is important that such machines are purchased for sure. The use of such machines also become important when there the goods are required to be loaded in truck or tempo on regular basis. This machine is also important in such places where manual lifting is not possible due to very heavy weights.


There are several forms of cranes which are used to get the work done easily. The use of such cranes is very important as it leads to successful and highly reliable results. The cranes are operated through a predefined system and therefore they are very accurate. These devices can lift the weights to heights greater than a forklift can do. Such equipment is used in heavy industries and is a must-have part of the construction work. The lifting of debris and waste material is not possible if this device is not used. The use of crane also becomes important if the truck is to be filled with certain construction material or waste.


It is a device which looks like a forklift but has all the characteristics of a crane. These are also used in heavy industries to make sure that the weight is lifted for sure. The use of such devices is highly recommended to carry medium weight as it has been designed for the same. The working of the device is controlled by an operator and therefore it is reliable and safe to use in any environment.


This type of machine is used to carry very heavy and large weights in the upward direction. Gantry hoist is the most common type which is used in this regard and therefore it is highly reliable. The use of these machines is a must when it comes to dockyard or port. The heavy containers are lifted from the ship and are transported to the warehouses using this crane. The mobility of this device makes it a perfect tech piece.